Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dead Cats ... to tell or not to tell

Our kitty, Zorro, was hit by a car this weekend. Billy had the dubious honor of collecting him off the street and giving him a proper burial. He, Kyra and Angelo took him to the woods. He was a good cat. He was extremely affectionate, a good hunter and he would only eat dog food. Dry dog food. We often thought we got him too soon after Sambou kitty died (see Termite66 movies on Youtube for "Why Can't We Be Friends"). But he soon found his way. Nay, pushed his way, into our hearts. The big question we had was "Will Stella notice he's gone?"; the bigger question was "What should we tell her?". No, she didn't notice, but we told her anyway. Someday another kitty will find his way to us. For now, we're kitty-free. .

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Uncornered Market: Dan and Audrey said...

This is so sad. Zorro was one of the most affectionate cats on the planet. Climber, shoulder-rider, liked to give head butts. We're so sorry to hear that he's headed for the great scratching post in the sky.
-Dan and Audrey