Monday, October 15, 2007

Sometimes child-raising can become a bit "frustrating". But, before I get too whiny, I need to stop and take a look at these kids. It is nuts--Living with a three-year old is like living with that psycho, college roommate. You know the type, there is ALWAYS drama. The manic times can be exhilarating and life-confirming, the depressed times can be like The Inferno. But, one thing you can bank on--All the emotions are out there, wide-open and unfiltered: "I love you--I hate you--go away--lie with me--sing a song--no, not THAT song" And daddy is still a second-hand citizen. But I am starting to see some chinks in the armor.
Meanwhile, 4 month olds are right up my alley--Its all about physical comforts. Wake up, eat, poop, laugh, fall asleep, repeat. If he is constipated or gassy--bad. If he can poop freely and he burps--good. I totally get it.

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Cheshire said...

Out with those emotions. Out out!!