Wednesday, October 3, 2007

You do the wash, I'll make the dinner

So, with 2 children many friends are asking how we are doing, how are we adjusting, etc. I've realized that the biggest issues (for me, anyway. Billy?) are dinner and laundry. My friend Amy said it best: "Laundry will swallow you whole". She warned me and she's right. There are piles of clothes all over our house. Clean clothes, dirty clothes, clothes to hang up, clothes to get rid of. It's just nuts. Amy's a pro--three kids and she still manages to get to work looking lovely every day AND have dinner on the table each night. I, on the other hand, cannot figure out the dinner thing. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I have visions of hearty crock pot meals, frozen leftovers, big Sunday Pot Roast dinners turning into Monday sandwiches. It's like the promised land. Ever-elusive. Tonight we had hot dogs, left-over noodles (whole wheat!) and green beans. Man, I really phoned that one in. Oh yeah, and Oreo cookies for dessert. Nice.

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